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How to get in shape | Maximo Asset Health Insights

It is just like with keeping up your personal health: Managing the health of the assets in your organization is not quite that easy. Many challenges are facing Reliability Engineers and Management involved in optimizing asset environments. It is good to know IBM Maximo now offers a beautiful add-on that comes to aid in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): Maximo Asset [...]

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MACS takes managing inspections to the next level

oIBM Maximo provides great functionality in supporting every kind of inspection. Still, it can become quite hard to keep a good overview of the executed inspections and their findings, not to mention managing any required follow-up work in an orderly fashion. MACS now comes up with an attractive representation of your inspection functionality to tackle the disorder once and for [...]

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Purchase orders managing it the 21st century way

Purchase orders are handled nowadays probably hugely different then how it was done thirty years ago. IBM Maximo has contributed greatly to more efficient PO handling. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement to get your organisation on the next level. You don’t think so? We will show you how. Isn’t that weird? The average company shares its approved purchase orders in [...]

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Crack the code

Interaction between your daily life and mobile applications has been intensifying over the past years. It has become really easy to request more detailed information on products you buy, for example in the supermarket. IBM Maximo keeps pace with this development and can offer you the same experience. Yes, getting to learn more about the pork chops you have just [...]

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Don’t get lost

You and your team increasingly perform work in parallel and have become true multitaskers. Some may say it is just the female colleagues out there, but we all multitask. Multitasking has many benefits, however it also causes some risks. To help you in reducing those risks, we can support you by bringing some colour back in your working life with [...]

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An Offer You Cannot Refuse

Let’s check out the menu and the day’s specials. One of the first things people will do when they sit down in a restaurant. People use the menu and the signs on the wall as the starting point. Only few restaurants don't underestimate the importance of presenting the dishes in an understandable and appealing way to their target group. And [...]

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